Summer Session

June 1st – July 16th

Monday – Thursday

9am – 3pm


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Where Learning Happens Naturally

At The Green Preschool in Kailua, our mission is to enrich our community
and support families by teaching young children how to love the earth, their community, each other and themselves.

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We provide hands-on experience to promote learning about the natural world.  Activities include:

  • gardening;
  • baking bread and food preparation;
  • circle based on nature themes, folk stories about community and nature;
  • sewing, bees wax modeling, play dough modeling;
  • creative indoor play with natural toys;
  • creative outdoor play featuring water play, sand play and playground equipment; and
  • learning the alphabet, with adding and subtracting through creative games.

We offer a child-centered curriculum which strives to teach the child about the world and themselves through activities children enjoy.¬†Creative play, supported with toys made from natural materials, is a key component of the curriculum. Our objective is to encourage your child’s creativity and inventiveness while supporting the acquisition of social skills.