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At The Green Preschool in Kailua, our mission is to enrich our community
and support families by teaching young children how to love the earth, their community, each other and themselves.

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We providhttps://greenpreschoolkailua.com/sign-up/e hands-on activities to create an educational experience that lives in the children.

  • Learning the alphabet and one to one correspondent math and adding and subtracting through creative games.

  • Creative play using a range of toys made of natural materials designed to inspire the imagination, exercise small motor skills and encourage sharing and harmonious group play.

  • Outdoor play with swing set, slide, sandbox and water play in a yard with trees and lawn

  • Creative circle based on nature themes designed to increase coordination and flexibility though, yoga and dance techniques. Circle also features singing, games, and Hawaiian songs and rhymes.

  • Story time: Folk and fairy tales with themes that match our annual curriculum, told by heart in the tradition of story telling.

  • Each student produces an art portfolio throughout the year comprised of their drawings, finger painting and water color painting.

  • Each student has their own sewing basket and learn sewing techniques while producing practical and beautiful items made of 100% wool felt.

  • Every month we have a field trip or celebrate an annual community festival

Other activities include, seasonal art projects, gardening, baking bread and food preparation, play dough modeling with play dough we make ourselves.

We offer a child-centered curriculum which strives to teach the child about the world and themselves through activities children enjoy. Creative play, supported with toys made from natural materials, is a key component of the curriculum. Our objective is to encourage your child’s creativity and inventiveness while supporting the acquisition of social skills.


The Green Preschool in Kailua is following the recommendations of the Department of Health regarding keeping our facility safe for you and your children during the COVID pandemic. Full guidelines as PDF

To register and be placed on the waitlist, fill out the Enrollment
Form at the bottom of the Enrollment and Fees page at this website.

For questions or to schedule a visit to the school contact us: thegreenpreschoolkailua@gmail.com

Aloha friends!
We are excited about the Green Preschool in Kailua’s next evolution.

We want to thank all of our former students and families, and friends; all of you who participated in the Green Preschool in Kailua, for your support and Aloha. What a wonderful community we created together!

Our physical school has closed. But we are creating a new ONLINE presence.

Auntie Pualani is now your personal online preschool and early childhood consultant!

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