Child Seminar for Parents: The Fantasy Life of Children

Our next Child Seminar for Parents will be Wednesday evening., June 26th, from 6 – 8:30 pm  The topic will be The Fantasy Life of Children: How to build a healthy imagination.  Topics we will touch on include:
  • The importance of stories and how to choose appropriate childrenʻs literature.
  • How toys inform our childrenʻs imaginations.
  • How to introduce “noncommercial” images into your childʻs play and imaginative life.
  • How to make up stories with your child.

The session will be at the preschool.  Cost: 35.00, which includes handouts and materials. This session is for adults, so please leave your little ones at home.  Mahalo!

Please email the preschool and reserve your spot if you want to attend this event.