Our New Logo

The Green Preschool in KailuaDid you notice we have a new logo? It has three Koa leaves placed on top of a heart.  The Koa leaves represent nature.  I chose Koa leaves because my son, Koalaukani, who is grown up now, was the inspiration for me becoming a preschool teacher many years ago.  He is named for the male Koa tree.

The heart represents the teacher.  I am a Waldorf certified Early Childhood Educator and in Waldorf educational philosophy the teacher is the heart of the school.  She carries the children in her heart and teaches them through love.  “Receive them with reverence, educate them with love, let them go forth in freedom.” — Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf education.

The phrase: “All things to know and love” is part of a verse that we recite every day at school:

The Earth is firm beneath my feet
The Sun shines bright above
And here stand I, so straight and strong
All things to know and love

This verse lovingly reminds us of where we are: here on our beloved Earth, strong and upright, with the light of the sun illuminating our deeds as we learn to know and love this world and our gift of life.

Aloha friends!
We are excited about the Green Preschool in Kailua’s next evolution.

We want to thank all of our former students and families, and friends; all of you who participated in the Green Preschool in Kailua, for your support and Aloha. What a wonderful community we created together!

Our physical school has closed. But we are creating a new ONLINE presence.

Auntie Pualani is now your personal online preschool and early childhood consultant!

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