Michaelmas Celebration

The Festival of Michaelmas

Michaelmas is a harvest festival from Europe.  It is originally from the Celtic tradition.  It is widely celebrated in Waldorf communities and as I come from that tradition, I like to include it in our curriculum.  St. Michael presides over this festival.  He is depicted as a brave knight riding his white steed (represented by meteor showers) through the heavens, brandishing his starry sword. He saved the crops from the fire breathing dragon, by slaying him.  He is the doer of good deeds.  His bravery inspires us.  He is the one we look to when we need to fortify our will forces and do what is right. Thus, St. Michael season here at the Green Preschool is the season of good deeds.  We explore this concept at school: What is a good deed?  I tell stories about St.Michael at story time.  It is so helpful to be able to say to the children:  “I need someone to do a good deed and hang up that apron that is on the floor.”  You can ask your little ones to do good deeds at home too.  Happy Michaelmas!IMG_0002_3