Michaelmas Celebration

On September 30, the children of The Green Preschool and their families celebrated Michaelmas with garden bucket painting and a potluck lunch.  The children helped make “Dragon Bread” and barley soup, which they shared with
their families.

What is Michaelmas?

IMG_1556It is a European harvest festival, celebrating St. Michael, the courageous knight, the slayer of dragons and the doer of good deeds.
It is traditionally part of the Waldorf curriculum.

At the Preschool it is the season of Good Deeds.  You may have noticed the large “golden sword” on the nature table. At the end of story we are passing the Golden Sword as each child recalls a good deed they have done.  Good deeds are the times we are helpful to others.  As one parent observed, it’s like doing chores, but with some idealism thrown in.  It’s more appealing to do a good deed than it is to do your chores.
That is most likely because good deeds spring forth from your heart’s desire to do something helpful, whereas chores are imposed from without.  Well, that’s my take on it anyway.
 michaelmas3A chore can easily be transformed simply by renaming it: “Please do a good deed and make your bed.” The children are encouraged to speak of the good deeds they have done either at school or at home.  So here is your chance, as a parent, to instill in your children pride in doing things for others; the only reward being the pride your child takes in being good for “goodness sake”.
    Remind them:  “That was a good deed.  You have been a big help to me.  You can tell your friends about your good deed at the end of story time at school.” As we begin our journey together at the beginning of the school year, it is a great help to our social life to be doers of good deeds, which require both kindness and initiative.
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        Thank you for celebrating with us!