Talking with Children About the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • Check In Often – talk to your kids and use conversation to find out how they are feeling.
  • Ask questions and follow your child’s lead.
  • Offer Comfort + Honesty, sharing germ prevention ideas.
  • Speak calmly and focus on helping your child feel safe.
  • Create ways for your child to stay connected to their community using digital tools for interactivity.

Aloha friends!
We are excited about the Green Preschool in Kailua’s next evolution.

We want to thank all of our former students and families, and friends; all of you who participated in the Green Preschool in Kailua, for your support and Aloha. What a wonderful community we created together!

Our physical school has closed. But we are creating a new ONLINE presence.

Auntie Pualani is now your personal online preschool and early childhood consultant!

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